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A letter to Wayne

I always feel good when I can give you some money.

Yesterday morning I've tried to clean a shadow on the kitchen floor away.

I think I missed the point.

With love,


Words from the heart

I am ravenous

but not for the meat

I am starving

but not for the words you feed me

or the look you give me

or even for the silence

around you

I am hungry for something

I cannot even know

and I feel helpless

and I am terribly grateful

for the grace I feel

in your presence


A letter to Wayne


A letter to Wayne

I have always believed you and what you are saying. In yesterday's seminar you once again said that everything simply happens, and your words suddenly were no longer just a belief, it became obvious.

There were a lot of emotions and I could not tell you that then. Now that clear seeing has grown dull again, but deep inside I know it is so!

Let's see what happens. Thank you

A letter to Wayne

You are always present in my mind and in my heart.
I wish I was an artist. Just to be able to express my love for you.
I only find silence and more silence and something very beautiful in my heart.
I cry in gratitude.
Maybe this is my way.


A letter to Wayne

Dearest Wayne,

I kind of get just how rare it is to actually meet "The Teacher" and it is often overwhelming. It is almost too much to fit into a tiny body mind. So it filters in through moments and fragments.

The pleasure of one of them is the sense (perhaps not true but deeply experienced) that you "get" this love and understanding. Out of the world, in the moments when I have no idea how it is that I am or how anything is as it is – your presence is seen.

It is both constant and momentary. I do feel lucky, even whilst bitchin and moaning!

With love as always and with thanks,


A letter to Wayne

On this happy occasion of Guru Purnima I’m offering my Guru my humble token of deepest respect and appreciation.

The doors of His house are compassionately open for all who may feel interested, apparently for free... But I’m not fooled by this seeming generosity, for I know that by the end of the day I’ll pay the highest price for every second spent in His presence – my most cherished hopes.

Love, D

A letter to Wayne

Hello Wayne,

I feel very fortunate to be here today watching the Satsang and celebrating the Guru Purmina - I´ve been celebrating since last webcast, because of the different time zone of Brazil!

I am very grateful for you and the Teaching. This last weekend I had a family meeting and I was remembering all the things I had been going through since I started seeking and meeting you was a life change event. You and the Teaching were so simple and direct and resonated deeply, I felt a great freedom; and this freedom keeps growing everyday. It is a great blessing that I don´t feel I am able to thank enough to you and the Teaching, but I will keep doing it. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

I hope you can enjoy this day remembering Ramesh and being with the disciples that love you so much. Thank you, my Guru. All my love to you.


Words from the heart

Advaita Promises

After some months (or years!) of thorough and sincere self-investigation, we'll be surprised by our own freedom, happiness, and peace. Without any special effort to make changes, these qualities will grow in our lives, giving us greater comfort with our own history, with our current behavior, and with our habits of mind. We'll also find we understand others more easily. While we won't always avoid disappointment, our capacity to enjoy our lives and to deal with our troubles will increase significantly.


A letter to Wayne

The Living Sea

The Living Sea
She rises within me
breath in, breath out;
At Her Will.

The Living Sea,
Unconditional Inclusiveness
born from the Utmost Innocence
Glimpses of Her Will.

Generously Gracious
A kiss in Silence
So sweetly so that not a wave was ever born;
Without a blessing of Her Will.

So Immensely Powerful
That should the Sea so choose
the seen Universe would vanish;
Returning only at Her Will.

Infinitely Intricate
Each atom arising for Her Artistry,
Of each atom, each particle but a building block;
Abiding their lives, Her Will.

Magnificently Massive
In the known form and yet
The unknown more immeasurable still;
Fulfilling space and time at Her Will.

I lie awake in curiosity
So eager to witness Her Gift
This Beauty, This Tragedy;
At Her Will

A symphony arises
A song of Eternity
Arising within me
At Her Will;
The Living Sea


Words from the heart

For You

With Ramtzu and Wayne
One tells you how to live
The other how to die

If I must wait on hands and knees
The humble puppet with sore feet
Then I cannot remember why

Chambers above, chambers below
Into a hundred mirrored hall
When did I alone become
So fucking claustrophobic?

I can see a thousand stars
When moved to look outside
Through telescopes, the further up
The deeper down I sink

Thank you, oh, thank you
Thank you that I may thank you
This moment gives that I may give

Beloved, oh, beloved
Beloved that I am beloved
This beloved love lives that I may live


A letter to Wayne

Dear Wayne,

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for the beautiful teachings that come through you. It has been a privilege for me to be in your presence the two times I have made it to Hermosa Beach. I have found myself wanting to be there every time you are speaking (or being Silent). I am pleasantly surprised by how easily I have accepted that when I cannot be there - I simply cannot be there. I have the clarity of mind to realize that it is not meant to be and wherever I am is exactly right. This is Freedom to me. I used to think I orchestrated my life; how very arrogant!! Trying to control everything was sooo exhausting!

I plan to be there on the 29th - if it is THY WILL, I shall be.



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