The World of Ram Tzu


Perhaps he is all of these. Perhaps he is Nothing at all.

One thing is for certain, his is one of the freshest voices we have heard on the "spiritual scene" in quite a while.

For Ram Tzu, only Nothing is truly sacred.

You're shafted... until you're fulcrumed!

Excerpts from
for the Spiritually "Advanced"

byRam Tzu
with illustrations by Ted Kingdon
and audio read by Wayne Liquorman

PLUS recent poems and photos!

No Way #75

You read the
Spiritual guidebooks.
God on $25 a Day.

You are inspired.
You can't wait to see
All the sights
So eloquently described.

It all sounds

Much more exciting
Than what you have at home.

But the fear sets in
When it's time to leave.
You try to pack
Everything you own.
Now you can't move
For the weight of it.

Ram Tzu knows this...

If you finally go
You'll travel light.

No Way #71

What could be more ludicrous
Or boring
Than a discussion about the truth? . . .

Ram Tzu writes

Ram Tzu knows this:
Directions are only needed
By those with a destination.

Ram Tzu writes

Ram Tzu writes

No Way #37

Ram Tzu hears it all the time. . .

Ram Tzu writes

Ram Tzu knows this...

If you had a choice
You would never
Let go of the illusion.

No Way #22

Your New Age
Is neither new
Nor will it last an age.

You ride a pendulum
On a clock wound
To run for eternity.

Your despair has
Today turned to hope.
Tomorrow it will
Turn back again.

The walls of oppression
You tear down here
Will be rebuilt

The meek shall
Inherit the earth
Then the clever ones
Will take it back from them.

The torture chamber
Will empty
And refill.

A disease will
Be conquered
And a new one will
Appear to take its place.

This strikes you
As a bleak vision
But Ram Tzu knows this...

It is your hope for a better future
That keeps you in chains today.

No Way #55

Your most Sacred Illusions . . .

No Way #49

A Million Tiny Pieces

No Way #20

Ram Tzu knows this...

You are caught
In a web of beliefs.
You spin them from
Your own abdomen
They are made from
The substance of your self.

You believe in
Your own power.

You consider yourself
The Source.
Even though
When under duress
You pay lip service
To an all powerful God.

You believe in
The supremacy of technique.

You are convinced that if
You can but manage...

Your mind
Your money
Your breath
Your energy
Your body
Your faith
Your relationships
Your prayers

You will unlock the door
To peace, happiness and contentment.

Guess again.

All excerpts from "NO WAY" copyright © 1999 Advaita Fellowship