The World of Ram Tzu


Perhaps he is all of these. Perhaps he is Nothing at all.

One thing is for certain, his is one of the freshest voices we have heard on the "spiritual scene" in quite a while.

For Ram Tzu, only Nothing is truly sacred.

You're shafted... until you're fulcrumed!

Excerpts from
for the Spiritually "Advanced"

byRam Tzu
with illustrations by Ted Kingdon
and audio read by Wayne Liquorman

PLUS recent poems and photos!

Ram Tzu writes

Ram Tzu has a question for you...

If you don't define yourself
By what others think of you.


You don't define yourself
By what you think of you.

What are you?

No Way #66

Ram Tzu knows this...

Every time
You find an answer,
The question
No longer seems important.

Ram Tzu writes

No Way #71

What could be more ludicrous
Or boring
Than a discussion about the truth? . . .

No Way #97

You have Ram Tzu's love
And you've done nothing
To deserve it.

Now you want
Ram Tzu's approval.

You've run out of luck.

Ram Tzu writes


How can Ram Tzu blame you for judging him harshly?
You have swallowed the spiritually ornate dogma
As a sacred host
Passed down from one unenlightened hand to another
Over thousands of years.
You ruminate and digest
Then imagine your resultant turds are Truth itself.

How could you feel otherwise about him?
He is crass and cranky
And woefully unspiritual.
What he is and
What he says is an affront to the crystal truth
You hold to be self evident.

Yet you find yourself
Strangely drawn to him.
Like a moth
Pulled inexorably to the Flame.


Ram Tzu writes

Ram Tzu knows this...

If you had a choice
You would never
Let go of the illusion.

No Way #11

Ram Tzu loves you...

So he is out to destroy you.

He knows you are your own
Worst enemy
So to destroy you
Is to save you.

Your ego must be smashed
Or you will surely die.
Yet words are like
Sledge hammers with greased handles.
They're difficult to guide
To their target,
Liable to hit anything.

Ram Tzu loves you.
You can trust him.
Just put your head right here.
That's it.
Nothing to worry about...

Why do you hesitate?

No Way #20

No Way #1

Ram Tzu has some questions for you...
Just who do you think you are?
Are you other than God?
Are you separate from Me?

If so...
What are you made of?
Where did it come from?

Don't look to science to help you.
The physicists have all become mystics.
They're of no more use to you than is Ram Tzu.

If you're really clever you'll turn around
And walk away
Hang around here and you're liable to lose
Everything you hold dear.

Go back to your church, your temple,
Your therapist, your drug dealer, your ashram.
There you may find a moments peace.
You found it there once.
Here is only emptiness for you.
You'll find no food for your ego here.

What if your precious sense of self
Were to shrivel up and die?
Where would you be then?
What would happen?

Best not to risk it.

No Way #24

Did you try it?

All excerpts from "NO WAY" copyright © 1999 Advaita Fellowship

Ram Tzu

Wayne Liquorman

Ramesh Balsekar

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Advaita Fellowship