The World of Ram Tzu


Perhaps he is all of these. Perhaps he is Nothing at all.

One thing is for certain, his is one of the freshest voices we have heard on the "spiritual scene" in quite a while.

For Ram Tzu, only Nothing is truly sacred.

You're shafted... until you're fulcrumed!

Excerpts from
for the Spiritually "Advanced"

byRam Tzu
with illustrations by Ted Kingdon
and audio read by Wayne Liquorman

PLUS recent poems and photos!

Ram Tzu writes

Ram Tzu has a question for you...

If you don't define yourself
By what others think of you.


You don't define yourself
By what you think of you.

What are you?

Ram Tzu writes

You mistake sweetness for Truth.

You are drawn to the gentle smile
The reassuring gaze.
The soft voice
And kind word.

If it makes you feel good enough
You assume the hand of God
Has touched your heart.

It is the cruelest trap of all
And you keep falling into it
Lured by the promise
Of goodness
Of progress
Of attainment.

You pass the Sage
So crude and ordinary
Without a glance
His common words
Mere animal grunts
In your ears.

Ram Tzu knows this:
The path to Salvation
Is in the dirt you step on.

Ram Tzu writes

A rock
Allowed to remain on the ground
Weighs nothing.

Ram Tzu writes

No Way #97

You have Ram Tzu's love
And you've done nothing
To deserve it.

Now you want
Ram Tzu's approval.

You've run out of luck.

Ram Tzu writes

No Way #83






No Way #11

Ram Tzu loves you...

So he is out to destroy you.

He knows you are your own
Worst enemy
So to destroy you
Is to save you.

Your ego must be smashed
Or you will surely die.
Yet words are like
Sledge hammers with greased handles.
They're difficult to guide
To their target,
Liable to hit anything.

Ram Tzu loves you.
You can trust him.
Just put your head right here.
That's it.
Nothing to worry about...

Why do you hesitate?

No Way #71

What could be more ludicrous
Or boring
Than a discussion about the truth? . . .

No Way #65

Ram Tzu knows this...

For every harmony
There is a chaos

For every order
There is a disorder

Back and forth
Up and down
Yin and Yang

All attempts at stasis
Are doomed,
Crushed under
The relentless wheel
Of nature.

Ram Tzu writes

All excerpts from "NO WAY" copyright © 1999 Advaita Fellowship