We welcome your contributions

We are so grateful to the contributors and volunteers who make the activities of the Advaita Fellowship possible. How could we share this beautiful teaching without them?

Giving by our contributors makes up a substantial portion of the Fellowship's income. This money is nothing more than energy in a form that can be traded easily. The money itself is neither spiritual or unspiritual. It's used for things we have to pay for - office expenses, a website, books and videos, and Wayne's travel to give talks. The Advaita Fellowship is a federally recognized non-profit, so donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Donations can be made -

Advaita Fellowship
PO Box 3479
Redondo Beach, CA
USA 90277

Membership, AmazonSmile, Donating Used Items

If you want to give on a regular basis, become a member with a monthly contribution automatically charged to your credit card. Membership in the Advaita Fellowship comes with benefits too.

If you are a customer of Amazon, you can select The Advaita Fellowship to receive 1/2% of your purchases through AmazonSmile. Then, when you spend $5000 with Amazon, they'll donate $25 at no cost to you.

If you have items you are no longer using such as cars, computers or cameras, please consider donating them. The fair market value of donated items can often be deducted from your income taxes. Please call 310-376-9636 or to set this up.

Estate Planning

Please also consider including the Fellowship in your estate planning:

Do get the advice of tax and legal counsel before deciding on any course of action affecting your taxes or estate. If you decide to include the Fellowship in your estate plans, please call our office (310-376-9636) or and let us know.

Volunteering your time

Much of what is offered at the meetings, on the website, on Youtube, and through the bookstore, is made possible by our generous volunteers: transcribing Wayne's talks, maintaining the website, preparing video for YouTube, and more. Let us know what skills you have.

Thank you!