Live Webcast with Chat

Since people are viewing the Webcast on PDAs, PCs and bigscreen TVs, we've provided several ways to open it. You can experiment to see which works best for you. Some allow simultaneous use of the Chat, but some don't.

The Chat is always open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you're welcome to use it any time. Sometimes you'll find other seekers, sometimes you'll be alone. If it's your first time using the Chat for a Talk, you may want to try it in advance. Most users access it easily, but some people need to fiddle with their systems, and this can take time.

Mobile device support

The Live Webcast is viewable on mobile devices. You can use a browser, or get the free Ustream app in iTunes. You want the Entertainment version. There's a free app for Android devices at Google Play. Open Ustream and search for the Advaita Fellowship channel. It is not possible to open two windows, so you'll be viewing the webcast without the chat.

Our Archived Webcasts are in Flash format, and therefore not viewable on either Android devices or iOS devices. YouTube videos are not viewable on our site for the same reason, but can be viewed using the YouTube app. Open the app, then search for 'Wayne Liquorman'.

Financial support

We provide the Webcast and Chat to the public without charge. To do this, we must pay for high-speed internet, and for the chat and webcast services. If they matter to you, if you want others to be able to enjoy them, please make a donation to help cover the cost.

Technical problems?


If you've ever looked at any video on the internet, you probably already have the required Flash plug-in needed by your browser for our Webcast. You can get the most recent version at Adobe downloads.

You'll need a download speed of at least 1Mbps for the Webcast to play smoothly. You can test your own set-up with a free bandwidth test site such as BandwidthPlace. Although most cable or DSL services exceed the needed bandwidth, dial-up does not.

If still need help, you can . Please say whether your computer is PC or Mac, which version of the operating system you have, and what browser you use.


The Chat no longer requires Java, just a current browser. Unless you have a much older system, it should work. It can be opened from any page on the site - use the gray puzzle-piece icon located in the lower right corner of your browser window, usually outside the boundary of the site.

If you can't logon, please email our webmaster. He'll need to know:

    1. whether your computer is PC or Mac
    2. which version of the operating system you have
    3. what browser you use
    4. if this is your first time

The Chat won't work on Macs with OS-9 or earlier. We're told performance is best with OS-10.4.7 or newer. It works well with the Firefox, IE, and Safari browsers. It works with most pad devices but not with mobile phones.


The Chat records transcripts which we use to provide a good chat experience. They are not published in any way or shared with anyone.

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