Advaita Fellowship


from 100 Aspects of the Moon by Yoshitoshi

Advaita is a Sanskrit word meaning not two. It points to the indivisible or non-dual nature of reality. Although it's associated in India with Vedanta as part of traditional Hindu religious life, here it is not taught as part of any religion at all, and has absolutely no tenets or dogma.

The Advaita Fellowship supports the teaching of Wayne Liquorman (Ram Tzu), Ramesh Balsekar, and Nisargadatta Maharaj. It pays for Wayne's speaking tours, and to publish books and videos. Wayne holds about 100 home satsang meetings every year, and the Fellowship webcasts them live through this website.

The Fellowship was started by Wayne and several seeker-friends in 1988 to support more U.S. speaking tours by Ramesh Balsekar. It also financed the Advaita Press, starting with Experiencing The Teaching and NO WAY for the Spiritually "Advanced". Since these activities haven't paid for themselves additional money has always been needed. By 1994 it was apparent a more formal structure would make fund raising easier under U.S. law, and the Fellowship became a 501c(3) non-profit foundation.

Shortly after Ramesh directed Wayne to speak about Advaita in 1996, seekers requested he visit them in Atlanta. Soon these requests were taking Wayne across the U.S., and then to Australia and Western Europe, and as far east as Russia. Annual retreats to Hawaii were held for many years, eventually being replaced with a retreat on Ibiza.

You are welcome to join us in these activities. The whole universe conspires to make them happen! If you are moved to contribute, we're grateful. If you're unable to contribute financially, there are plenty of activities and resources here that are completely free.

We'll keep you posted on all these activities if you —