New Chat, August 8, 2015

chat iconOur Chat has changed. It is now accessed everywhere on our website through the Happy Puzzle-Piece icon - it's gray and located in the lower right corner of your browser window. If you were using the Chat before the change, you'll be able to logon with your existing username and password.

chat user windowThe window that opens has your username at the top. This User Window has three white and gray icons just below your name. Clicking on the center one opens a list of open chatrooms. Click on the one you want to enter. During the live webcast, Wayne reads the LOBBY chatroom.

Clicking the GEAR on the upper left of the Chatroom Window allows you to change the text size and color, and to use EMOJI - smiley faces. Clicking the GEAR on the User Window allows you to change your profile, adding a photo, etc.


Our old Chat needed a browser plug-in, because until recently browsers couldn't support interactive chat on their own. Now they can. Meanwhile, plug-ins have turned into a security risk -- an unlockable back door into your computer. Plus they're not able to support the enormous variety of new wireless devices. So browser companies are starting to disable plug-ins, not all at once, but feature by feature, and some of our visitors were kept out of our Chat.

With New Chat, all our users can logon!*

* Including wireless devices, but not really old desktop computers.

If you can't logon, please let us know. Contact . Please include a description of your computer and browser.

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