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Wayne's Advaita Talks Around The World

Paris, FranceMarch 31-April 2nd, 2017details

Kiev, UkraineJune 9-11th, 2017details

Lyon, FranceJune 16-18th, 2017details

Ibiza, Spain - RetreatJune 24-30th, 2017details

Amsterdam, The NetherlandsJuly 7-9th, 2017details

Wayne at Home

Satsang Calendar, March 26 to May 13, 2017

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Current time at Wayne's house is

You're welcome to come without a reservation, and you're also welcome to attend via the live Webcast, listed on the menu above. These Talks usually last about 1-1/2 hours, although they can be shorter or longer. There is no charge, but a donation is appreciated.

Here's the address and phone:

927-B 6th Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
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Phone: 310.376.9636

Wayne's driveway

The house is located between Pacific Coast Hwy (CA-1) and Prospect Avenue to the east. Manhattan Beach, the city directly to the north, has it's own 6th Street, and sometimes people turn there by mistake.

Parking on the street is limited, so allow some extra time to find a place and walk. Wayne's house is in the rear, so you'll walk down the driveway past the front house. Please don't disturb the people in the front house.

Advice for out-of-town visitors (including places to stay and eat) in a MS-Word document or PDF file.

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